Patient Participation Group




With the aim of ensuring an effective communication avenue for their patients, all General Medical Practices are required to support an active Patient Participation Group, or PPG.  The role of the PPG is to represent the views and opinions of the patients, and to work with the Practice in delivering the best possible service to the patients.



image of a PPG


Since 2003 the Whiteparish PPG has been a valuable and supportive partner to the Practice.  The WPPG meets formally four times a year to check progress and work on a variety of opportunities, and also organises public presentations and assists the Practice at clinics and other meetings.  

One of our goals is to organize two public presentations on health topics each year, and the dates and topics will be communicated widely through local noticeboards and the Practice website closer to the exact dates. 

As a neutral and non-judgemental body for patients to approach with feedback or questions in confidence, the WPPG welcomes all input from patients on how current services may be improved, or new services introduced, through the suggestion box in reception and the website.

Some of the WPPG’s accomplishments include:

  • Assisting annual flu clinics
  • Organizing public presentations
  • Access to hearing aid batteries at the Surgery
  • Raising questions and comments to the Practice

The WPPG always welcomes feedback and suggestions from patients through the suggestion box in reception, the website, or directly to members on how current services may be improved or new services introduced.


Current Patient Members

  • Anthea Ansell
  • Patrick Darlington
  • Pam Whitlock
  • Wendy Quick
  • Jeanette McLeod
  • Amanda Walker
  • Dan Page
  • Sheelagh Knight
  • Lynda Bennett
  • Julie Kaye
  • Stella Counsell

Current Surgery Members

  • Claire Chatt - GP
  • Sarah Trompetas - Practice Manager